What People Are Saying

“Normally, my short attention span doesn’t get me much past the first two paragraphs of a white paper or article. The past several white papers you have authored for us, though, have grabbed my attention quickly and kept it. I don’t often read white papers all the way through, but I read this one cover to cover. You have a very engaging writing style that keeps the reader interested and focused. I’m looking forward to working with you again this year.”

Neil Thall
Aldata Solution Inc.

“I reiterate my position that Ed is the best business writer I’ve ever worked with.”

Doug Hoogervorst
Product Manager
Ross Systems Inc.

“I have known Ed Gandia professionally for the past 7 years. He is a self-motivated, consultative sales professional who was always one of the top performers at Constructware. I attribute Ed’s success to an insatiable appetite for continuous improvement combined with setting high goals for himself every year. Ed measures his success at a level of performance that far exceeds any goals that any company assigns on an annual basis.

“What leaves an indelible impression upon me as the Vice President of Sales at Constructware was Ed Gandia’s passion and vast understanding of the dynamics that exist between the sales and marketing functions of the selling cycle. His fascination with these dynamics made him an invaluable resource as well as an annual top sales performer.

“Any organization that is looking to further integrate these two business functions into their organization would be well served by Ed’s expertise in results-driven marketing.”

Gary Greenberger
VP of Sales

“Terrific job on this case study, Ed. You are truly an artiste — the ‘Picasso’ of case studies!”

Shawn Farmer
Senior Manager, Customer Alliance Programs
CDC Software

“The lead generation letter and accompanying report you wrote for us are working extremely well. Response is averaging about 14% and we’ve received very positive comments from prospects on the report itself. Some of the inquiries from the campaign have even turned into quality appointments we wouldn’t have had without the campaign. And some of these discussions have led to proposals that will likely translate into some very significant, long-term business for us.”

Michael Prosser
Kudzu Graphics

“The direct mail campaign Ed wrote and developed for us helped us generate more revenue in 4 months than in the prior 8 months combined. The results were extraordinary. Also, Ed’s help and insights regarding the inquiry-qualification and follow-up processes were critical to our success.”

Ray Ruecker
VP of Sales
Easy Street Inc.

“Thanks to the sales letter and the campaign you helped us craft, in less than 60 days we’ve generated over 30 leads and 4 new, terrific opportunities that are now in the proposal stage. These are opportunities that we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise!  This is, by far, the best-performing marketing effort we’ve ever embarked on.  In fact, largely because of it, 2005 is shaping up to be another great year for us.”

Evan McCaig
Brevadum LLC

“Ed was great to work with. He quickly assessed and clarified our message, asking some tough questions. I’ve never seen such sharp copy produced so quickly!”

Tobi Moriarty
VP, Business Development
Language Analysis Systems

“I sent out both emails you helped me with a few weeks ago (non-member email and ambassador email) and have had a wonderful response from both! Thank you again for all you did!”

Laura J. Heinlein
Membership Development Director
Technology Association of Georgia

“It really helps when you’re working with a copywriter who has a strong IT sales background — someone who understands the sales process and the kind of sophisticated buyer we work with.  Ed’s contribution to our recent email campaigns will enable us to increase demand for our products. His insight is priceless.”

Mike Abarelli,
VP of Business Development
Synthis Corporation

“Thanks, Ed. You dependably deliver outstanding copy and make my job much easier!”

Julie Lohmeier
VP, Marketing

“You did an outstanding job for us, Ed! The email campaign you wrote produced a response rate of over 6% (even higher than we were hoping for). The email clearly highlighted our value proposition and it encouraged the reader to respond. I will be contacting you again in the very near future with additional projects.”

Susan Sweeney
Interactive Technical Training